A charity was organized by the wonderful parishioners of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina to benefit 5 local charities. Artists were given chairs and asked to transform them into a work of art for auction. I was given an antique bankers chair and sad to say, I sacrificed it on the altar of creativity!

1) I removed the hardware from the bankers chair
burned the oak wood in my fireplace.

2 - 3 ) With the chair reduced to ashes, I collected the residue and
ground the ashes into a powder.

4) The ground ashes were sifted further into an ash powder.

5) The ground powder was used as pigment and
mixed with linseed oil to create a paint

6) I used the paint created from the ashes of the chair to recreate a life sized painting of the original chair. All of the original hardware taken from the chair was reattached to the painting and frame to create a piece of art.

The chair was purchased by Barbara Spradling, Director of the Innovation Institute in Charlotte, NC for $1,500.00.

Thank you so much for your contribution to this worthy cause!