mixed media
20" x 20"

This is the second version of a Monopoly game board that I have rendered. The first was a large monstrosity of piece (7' x 7') and to tell you the truth, I can't even remember what the theme was. I am pleased with this latest version, slated for exhibition as part of my 'plantation' series. The game board is exactly the same size of a standard Monopoly game. All of the money, deed cards, Chance and Community Chest attachments have been altered to fit with the new theme. Instead of buying Atlantic City property, you purchase Southern plantations and buy slaves and mules to work the land. Everything has been recreated in meticulous detail. Select any portion of the image to see detailed views of the board, deeds, Chance and Confederate Chest cards as well as money. As of this posting, I have yet to decide on the tokens that will be used for play.

Board top left Board Top Right Board bottom left Board bottom right Money