"Ugh, I Hate That Color...What About This One?"
acrylic on canvas
32" x 80" (each panel)

This painting was commissioned for an exhibition titled 'Red State Blues'. The curator brought together a group of South Carolina artists to visually address the attitudes and political dynamics of living in a state that always skews 'red' each election cycle.

I thought about the labels 'red' and 'blue' and wanted my painting to explore the events and prominent personalities in each political party that moved the parties from the race based politics of the segregation era to the ideological divide of present.


SIT-COM WHITE: Upper middle class white voters mostly defined The Republican party.

ARIZONA SON RISE: Conservatism creeps in with Barry Goldwater.

FETAL POSITION: The historic Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion pushed the party further right.

BIG GIPPE(RED): Ronald Reagan became the standard bearer of conservative values.

EVANGELIC AURA: Southern evangelicals joined the political fray and staked claim to the far right wing of the party.

BURNING BUSH: Using 'Christian' values as a calling card, Bush openly courted the evangelic vote and firmly ensconced the party in right wing dogma.


AS THE CROW FLIES: Jim Crow laws kept many blacks and poor whites away from the voting booth.

BLACK EYE PLEASE: The violence of the civil rights movement lead to the Voting Rights Act and began the love affair between blacks and the working and the Democratic Party.

SEPARATE BUT URBAN: Inner city white flight in the urban centers and the rise of black mayors in larger urban cities.

JELLYBEAN: Ronald Reagan's favorite candy. He drew a distinct line in the sand and made liberalism a dirty word.

HILLBILLY BLUE: Bill and Hillary Clinton re-energized the democratic agenda.

OBAMARAMA: Self-explanatory.