acrylic on canvas
60" x 76"

This painting was inspired by a comment from a participant at a creativity workshop I was leading at the Innovation Institute. The gentleman opened up about his frustration at being one of a few black employees in a leadership position at his company and as such, had to endure comments from whites who often regarded his as 'different' (from what exactly?). No sooner had he made this observation when the other black person in the class of twelve (a black woman) chimed in with the same assessment and then went on to add that she thought she was black America's press secretary. White co-workers and friends obviously had grown comfortable enough with her that they unceremoniously bestowed upon her their highest contemporary award; 'the approachable Negro' - whose job by default is to patiently answer every idiotic question whites had about black people.

I immediately conjured the image of Franklin, the only black resident in Charles Schultz cartoon world of 'Peanuts'. I imagined him exploiting his obvious priviledge for entrepreneurial gain by sub-leasing Lucy's psychiatric booth and providing the residents with PPV (Pay Per his View) service.

This is my third magazine cover painting, but the first issue of my new CQ Quarterly magazine. Every three months I will produce a new cover issue dealing with a wide range of topics. Eventually, I will offer paid subscriptions on a yearly basis (only 100) that will provide the subscriber with four prints annually.