acrylic on canvas
57 " x 60 "

There is no secret to my disdain for the stereotypical and trite renderings that have infiltrated the art market, proliferated like the bedbug scourge and dares to label itself as 'black art'. What was championed as legitimate style by the likes of brilliant art pioneers like William H. Johnson and Ernie Barnes has now been copied and exhausted to the point of tasteless dilution! Fueling all of this is a public that is equally as stupid an unimaginative as the artists producing this bullshit! C'mon people, we're better than this....maybe not.

In my twisted way I decided to theoretically sell out and profit from the mindless masses (this crap makes me laugh). Why not, the dumbasses are there for the fleecing. I'm actually going to do about three more of these paintings (gotta have a product line) which will incorporate a few more of the ridiculous themes I see on a weekly basis. The next one will be called 'HEROES' and show MLK, Malcolm X, Obama and Tupac Shakur. That ought to be a hot seller.