"Black People Love Pork Because Africa Is Shaped Like A Pork Chop "
mixed media
32 " x 66"

Statement written by Frank Martin:

This unusual hanging sculpture is an example of the social criticism frequently incorporated into Quashie's works, which often ridicule the foibles of society with amusing originality accented by a wry sense of humor. The intellectual depth of this work finds its roots in an explication of ideas surrounding classical philosophical thought. The fallacious logic of the assumption stated in the title is based on the non-sequitor abstractions that violate appropriate sequential deduction as discussed by Aristotle in the explanation of the enthymeme, a rhetorical argument formulated using probabilities, of which one of the premises, or sometimes the conclusion is not expressed but implied. The initial faulty premise, that all black people in fact like Africa establishes the flaw from which the subsequent errors of judgment flow. The syllogism would be: 1.) All black people are African. 2.) Pork Chops are shaped like Africa, and 3.) All black people like pork chops because they are shaped like Africa. The implication here is that eating pork is part of some subliminal need for seeking out or returning to the ancestral African homeland by Americans of African descent who are attracted to the ingestion of pork through a kind of genetically ingrained homing device. Such an assumption is idiotic, but is analogous to the absurd but standard social assumptions made daily that feed common popular cultural ideas on which stereotypes are based. Disjointed assumptions based on xenophobic ignorance of ethnic diversity feed many of the worst social problems of modern culture. Quashie's works are intended to bring these ideas to light for investigation by his audience.