"Subjective Perception"
silkscreen on canvas
24" x 52"

This idea for painting began with a conversation with a rather conservative gallery owner who had invited me to participate in a group exhibition. I inquired about the theme of the exhibition and was informed that I could display anything - with the exception of 'pornography'. When asked what he considered pornography, he replied with the narrowest of definitions; anything that shows anything. This obviously led to a discussion about whether he considered some famous works of art, i.e., Michelangelo's David, The Birth of Venus, etc., as pornographic. Yes. Needless to say, I didn't take part in that exhibit, nonetheless, his dogma stayed with me for quite some time.

I was moved to create this image as a combined reaction to the gallery owner's position and the Travel Channel. Yes, the Travel Channel. It seems that it's okay to see naked 'exotic' women in prime time as long as they are genetically tanned, reside in jungles with children on their hips and not in hot tubs on Cancun during spring break. A quote by American minimalist artist Sol Lewitt, "perception is subjective," sealed the deal.

All three nipples are exactly the same with the exception of color. An earlier draft of this silkscreen included a fourth nipple that was pierced with a nipple ring holding a tiny crucifix and labeled 'religion'. I edited the piece, not because I was afraid of the controversy, but because it no longer made an objective statement that supported the premise of the painting. Controversy for controversy sake is not only mindless and annoying…it's easy and I'd like to think I'm better than that.