acrylic on birch panel
30 " x 80"

This is part of my 'Plantation' series. The images are meant to connect past and present by using modern day iconography to give the viewer a recognizable portal through which to view time and recognize similar occurrences, if not themselves, on the other side.

It's difficult for anyone to imagine the horrors of plantation life for a slave especially when the term 'plantation' has been co-opted for use by developers and repackaged to portray a romantic bygone era. Lost is the understanding that they were first and foremost, labor camps, some with upwards of 750 slaves working the land.

Nearly everyone has had a job where they had to punch a timecard. The daily monotonous grind of the 40-hour workweek is bad enough; imagine tripling that with backbreaking labor working the fields with no pay, vacation, or benefits of any kind from cradle to grave. Such were the hours endured by the average slave on a plantation.